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Kirk: WTO not meeting needs of emerging nations

U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk
U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk
U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk said at the opening plenary session of the World Trade Organization ministers’ meeting in Geneva today that member countries should “celebrate” the organization’s long-term significance, but also understand that the Doha round is not working because growing developing countries are not acknowledging their responsibilities.

“For all of the round’s complexity, the current impasse in many ways comes down to one single, vexing quandary: The WTO has not come to terms over core questions of shared responsibilities among its biggest and most successful members,” Kirk said, according to a USTR news release.

“The world has changed profoundly since this negotiation began a decade ago, most obviously in the rise of the emerging economies,” Kirk said. “The results of our negotiations thus far do not reflect this change, and yet they must if we are to be successful.”

“One thing is abundantly clear,” Kirk added. “Our current path is not leading us to a successful outcome. We need every bit of creativity we can muster in developing different approaches. And it is critical that we turn the page to a more productive chapter.”