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Ag leaders still working on farm bill proposal

Amidst rumors that the real deadline for the House and Senate agriculture committees to submit their farm bill proposal is being moved from today to the end of the week, farm lobbyists have continued to submit letters and proposals for their consideration.

“We were all in here during the weekend working as it was snowing outside,” one staffer working on the bill said late Monday.

“I’m hoping we’ll be releasing the final recommendations tomorrow, but I don’t know if we’re going to be able to make that deadline,” the aide said. “It’s just such a quick-moving and delicate process. One moment it seems like everything is nearly done, the next moment it seems like there are mounds more work that need to happen.”

If a proposal is released today, it will come late, the aide said, adding, “The staff will definitely want to use up every single second they have for finalizing negotiations and language.”

But one lobbyist who has been following the situation closely said that the staff had been working out details and lining up “member issues” to be discussed late Monday night and today.

But the lobbyist also said, “It looks like the process may take longer, maybe until the end of the week. The House goes home next week, so there will be a push to wrap it up before they do.”