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DuPont, Economist release 2012 Food Security Index

DuPont and the Economist Intelligence Unit today released a global food security index designed to help policymakers understand food security issues in various countries and the problems those countries experience.

The United States, Denmark, Norway, France and the Netherlands have the highest levels of food security in the world, the report says, while the Democratic Republic of the Congo has the lowest of the 105 countries examined in the survey.

Ellen Kullman
Ellen Kullman
But the survey goes beyond simple food availability to analyze issues such as nutrition availability and volatility of food prices country by country.

“We’re a bunch of engineers. What gets measured gets done,” said DuPont Chairman and CEO Ellen Kullman in a presentation at the National Press Club.

Later, in a speech to the American Soybean Association, Kullman said that the index is “just a tool” intended to spur action.

“Everybody describes food security differently, but there is no common understanding of the drivers,” Kullman said.

“It’s important to understand that all actions to improve food security must be local,” she noted. “Solutions have to work locally if you are going to derive sustainable benefits,” she said, adding that more food needs to be produced that “meets cultural and economic needs.”