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Reid asks Senate for unanimous consent on farm bill

After a day of silence, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has sent senators a message asking them to agree to unanimous consent on the farm bill.

A knowledgeable Senate aide told The Hagstrom Report that if unanimous consent is not achieved this evening, Reid will likely re-fill the amendment tree with a revised perfecting amendment, and file cloture on that amendment and on the bill itself.

The cloture vote on the perfecting amendment then would happen on Wednesday morning.

The package includes germane and non-germane amendments, but it does not include the target price program amendment that Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., and Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., and Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D. introduced on Thursday. A source close to Conrad said that Conrad had agreed to withdraw the amendment and deal with the issue in conference with the House.

Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., the top Republican on the Agriculture committee, has said there are “challenges” within the GOP, National Journal Daily reported this evening. One potential hurdle could be Sen. Mike Johanns, R-Neb., who has said he would oppose cloture without a deal on amendments, including his amendment on crop dust, National Journal said.

Here is Reid’s message to the Senate, which was sent around Washington by lobbyists.


The Majority Leader asks unanimous consent that when the Senate resumes consideration of S.3240, the pending motion to recommit be withdrawn; that amendment #2390 be withdrawn; that the Stabenow-Roberts amendment #2389 be agreed to; the bill, as amended, be considered original text for the purposes of further amendment; that the following amendments and motions be the only first degree amendments and motions in order to the bill:

  • Akaka #2440 (highly fractionated tribal lands);
  • Akaka #2396 (tribal relations office);
  • Baucus #2429 (livestock);
  • Bingaman #2364 (multi-state aquifers);
  • Brown (OH) #2445 (rural development);
  • Cantwell #2370 (pulse pilot);
  • Casey #2238 (technical/study -federal milk marketing)
  • Coons #2426 (poultry insurance study);
  • Feinstein #2422 (conservation innovation grants);
  • Feinstein #2309 (insurance recall);
  • Gillibrand #2156 (SNAP);
  • Hagan #2366 (crop insurance plain language);
  • Kerry #2187 (commercial fishermen);
  • Landrieu #2321 (rural development loans);
  • Manchin #2345 (dietary study);
  • Merkley #2382 (organic crop insurance);
  • Schumer #2427 (acer);
  • Udall (Colo.) #2295 (bark beetle);
  • Warner #2435 (rural broadband)*;
  • Wyden #2442 (microloans);
  • Wyden #2388 (farm to school);
  • Leahy #2204 (rural development);
  • Nelson (Neb.) #2242 (rural housing);
  • Klobuchar #2299 (transportation study);
  • Carper #2287 (poultry feed research);
  • Sanders #2254 (biomass);
  • Thune #_ _ _ _ side-by-side to Durbin-Coburn #2439 (crop insurance);
  • Durbin-Coburn #2439 (crop insurance);
  • Grassley #2167 (pay cap marketing loans);
  • Grassley #2168 (pay limit peanuts);
  • Sessions #2174 (SNAP);
  • Nelson (Neb) #2243 (SNAP);
  • Sessions #2172 (SNAP);
  • Paul #2181 ($250,000 income limit);
  • Alexander #2191 (wind loans);
  • McCain #2199 (catfish);
  • Toomey #2217 (organic/AMA);
  • DeMint #2263 (broadband funding);
  • DeMint #2262 (SoS Free MKT);
  • DeMint #2268 (Loan guarantees);
  • DeMint #2276 (checkoffs);
  • DeMint #2273 (broadband);
  • Coburn #2289 (MAP);
  • Coburn #2293 (Limit Millionaires);
  • Lee #2313 (Forest Legacy);
  • Lee #2314 (CSP/CRP cut);
  • Boozman #2355 (Ag research, law info);
  • Boozman #2360 (TEFAP);
  • Toomey #2216 (remove study catfish coverage);
  • Toomey #2226 (energy title);
  • Toomey #2159 (sugar);
  • Lee — Motion to recommit (FY 2008 levels);
  • Johnson (Wisc.) — Motion to recommit;
  • Chambliss #2219 (conservation crop insurance);
  • Chambliss #2340 (sugar);
  • Chambliss #2432 (FMPP);
  • Chambliss #2329 (ARC);
  • Ayotte #2195 (GAO crop insurance fraud report);
  • Toomey #2247 (paper work);
  • Blunt #2246 (veterans);
  • Moran #2403 (food aid);
  • Moran #2443 (beginning farmers)
  • Vitter #2363 (pets);
  • Coburn #2214 (convention funding);
  • Reid, or designee, side-by-side to Johanns #2372 (aerial inspections);
  • Johanns #2372 (aerial inspections);
  • Murray side-by-side (sequestration) to McCain #2162;
  • McCain #2162 (Sequestration report DoD); and
  • Rubio #2166 (RAISE Act).

That at 2:15 pm, Tuesday, June 19th, the Senate proceed to votes in relation to the amendments in the order listed alternating between Republican and Democratic sponsored amendments; that there be no amendments or motions in order to the amendments prior to the votes other than motions to waive points of order and motions to table; that there be two minutes of debate equally divided in the usual form in between the votes and all after the first vote be ten minute votes; that the Coburn #2214; Reid, or designee, side-by-side to Johanns #2372; Johanns #2372; Murray side-by-side to McCain #2162; McCain #2162 and the Rubio amendment #2166 be subject to a 60 affirmative vote threshold; that upon disposition of the amendments, the bill, as amended, be read a third time; that there be up to ten minutes equally divided in the usual form prior to a vote on passage of the bill, as amended, if amended.