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WTO releases report on ag talks in Doha round

The World Trade Organization today published a report on the status of the agriculture negotiations in the Doha round of multilateral trade talks.

David Walker, chairman of the agriculture negotiations group, said in a WTO news release last week that talks this month have produced "no constructive, bridge-building solutions to the deadlocked issues."

WTO members are to discuss the state of the negotiations next week in an informal meeting of the Trade Negotiations Committee, which oversees the talks, WTO said. Walker said he will consult the agriculture negotiating group on what the next steps will be, based on results of the April 29 meeting.

“I think we have done a lot of good work, and we continue to do a lot of good work,” Walker said last week. “It seems to me that perhaps it’s a little bit like some agricultural products: they germinate away under the ground and all of a sudden they spring forth, and if the weather is right they will bloom and grow."