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National Milk plans to revamp REAL seal

REAL seal
The National Milk Producers Federation has taken over the REAL® Seal symbol and will try to educate consumers to look for it to make sure they are getting real dairy products.

National Milk noted today in a news release that it had taken over management of the seal from the United Dairy Industry Association in March and has started its new campaign by revamping the website.

“Imitation products made from vegetables and nuts, but packaged like real dairy products and often using dairy names, have proliferated in the last few years,” said National Milk President and CEO Jerry Kozak.

“For example, frozen desserts made out of soybeans are packaged the same as real ice cream made from cows’ milk, with pictures that make it look like real ice cream. The only way a consumer would know the product isn’t ice cream is by reading the ingredients label.”

“Currently, frozen pizza is essentially the only processed food that uses the REAL® Seal," Kozak said. We intend to expand the products eligible to use the REAL® Seal beyond that that category.”

To address expanded use of the REAL® Seal, the seal itself is in the process of being tailored to other applications, he added. Terms like “Made With” real dairy, and “American Made,” along with specific dairy product names, will be stacked above and below the basic REAL® Seal.

REAL® Seal program