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MACS sets objectives, establishes collaboration platforms

In their meeting in Mexico, the G-20 meeting of agricultural chief scientists (MACS) discussed the following objectives and research collaboration platforms, according to a USDA summary of the meeting:


  • To inform stakeholders of existing global resources, programs and collaborative efforts for agricultural research that can help address food security challenges;
  • To establish initial research priority areas for collective action for agricultural R&D to sustainably intensify agricultural production in order to meet increased and changing demand for healthy, safe and nutritious food whilst mitigating and adapting to climate change;
  • To identify avenues to align resources and existing initiatives toward these priorities;
  • To report on investments in agricultural R&D to establish baselines and track progress toward collective commitments and priorities; and
  • To facilitate new partnerships on collaborative research toward sustainable intensification, encompassing the socio economic framework of land systems in food production, processing, safety, post-harvest losses, nutrition, and the impact of climate change on agriculture.

Global research collaboration platforms

  • Access to scholarly publications and other technical documentation
  • Access to germplasm collections and information, as per international treaties to which countries are members, and in accordance with national legislation
  • Access to genomic and genetic data and other agriculture related data
  • Improving agricultural innovation systems (technology transfer, information communication technology, market data and extension services)
  • Improving agricultural statistics systems