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Obama promises release of White House beer recipe

President Barack Obama on Wednesday promised to release the recipe for White House home-brewed Honey Ale beer.

The Obama White House is the first to brew beer, and Obama gave some to an attendee at a recent campaign event in Iowa. Home brewers have both petitioned the White House asking for the recipe and filed a Freedom of Information Act request.

In a half-hour “Ask Me Anything” live chat on, Wednesday, Obama was asked, “What’s the recipe for the White House’s beer?”

“It will be out soon,” Obama replied. “I can tell from first-hand experience, it is tasty.”

More than 10,000 people have signed an online “We the People” petition on the White House website, asking for the release the beer recipe.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney tweeted last week that if the petition gained 25,000 signatures by September 17, the recipe would be released.

Following is the language of the petition that home brewers have posted on the “We the People” website:

Following in the footsteps of great men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin, Barack Obama has reportedly been enjoying the rewards of home brewed beer. Recent reports from news outlets like the Washington Post (August 15th, 2012) have stated that Obama has been drinking a White House home brew Honey Ale while on the campaign trail.

In keeping with the brewing traditions of the founding fathers, homebrewers across America call on the Obama Administration to release the recipe for the White House home brew so that it may be enjoyed by all.

"I think it’s time for beer” — Franklin D. Roosevelt (March 12, 1933)