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AC21 reportedly ends meeting on positive note

The Advisory Committee on Biotechnology and 21st Century Agriculture ended its two-day meeting on a “positive note,” executive secretary Michael Schechtman told The Hagstrom Report late today.

The committee was appointed by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to try to resolve conflicts between producers using genetically modified seeds and other producers concerned with contamination of their crops.

Schechtman, a Vilsack aide, said that the group considered a fourth option for dealing with the conflicts and that, while no vote was taken, there appeared to be a consensus in favor of that option, which combines two options previously presented to the committee.

One member of the committee said late today that he believes a majority of the committee will vote to support the report, but probably with comments.

Schechtman said Monday that the committee will receive the report on October 23 and that members must send a reply to USDA by November 8.