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Obamas finish Iowa tour

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama returned to Washington last night after a last rally in Davenport, Iowa, at which the president’s eating habits were once again mentioned.

At a rally otherwise dominated by weighty issues such as Medicare and the Obamas’ affection for the state that gave him the boost that eventually brought him the Democratic nomination, the first lady thanked the woman who introduced her, Amanda Irish, for making sure the president ate some fruit at breakfast.

Irish was one of three veterans who had breakfast with the president that morning in downtown Cedar Rapids and, according to Obama Foodorama, she was the first female veteran to dine with the president at a veterans’ event.

“I want to start by thanking Amanda for that very kind introduction,” the first lady said. “We are so proud of her. And we are so grateful for her service ... And thank you, Amanda, for getting the president to eat some fruit this morning. That’s good.”

Obama had breakfast with three veterans at Riley’s Café and Catering in downtown Cedar Rapids. Obama had two eggs, hash browns, a side of fruit and a glass of orange juice while talking over veterans’ issues.

As he was ordering, the president apparently made a joke about his wife, who was on her way to join him. Pool reporters speculated that it had to do with his side of fruit, but were too far away to be certain of what he said.

Obama drank “plenty of beer” during his three days in Iowa, Obama Foodorama noted. The first lady also said in Iowa Wednesday that despite her admonitions, the president eats what he wants.