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Obama notes farm bill, energy credits and pork chops

While campaigning in Iowa, with his wife, Michelle, President Barack Obama cited the need to pass a farm bill and continue wind energy tax credits today as some of the reasons to re-elect him.

At an event at the Alliant Energy Amphitheater in Dubuque, Obama noted that he had crossed the state much as he did in 2008, beginning the journey in Council Bluffs and driving through Boone, Des Moines, Oskaloosa, Marshalltown and Cedar Rapids before Dubuque.

“We met farmers who've been badly hurt by drought and who now need us to pass a farm bill,” Obama said, according to a transcript released by the White House. “We met folks who've helped Iowa become a leader in wind energy. And now they need us to keep investing in clean, renewable energy.”

Continuing in campaign mode, Obama said, “On energy, Gov. Romney has said that he wants to get rid of the tax credit for wind energy — doesn't believe in — he says these sources of energy are ‘imaginary.’ Congressman Ryan calls them a ‘fad.’

“He needs to come to Iowa,” Obama said. “He’ll find out that there are 7,000 jobs in this state that depend on the wind industry. These jobs aren’t a ‘fad.’ They’re the future.”

“We should stop giving $4 billion of taxpayer subsidies to oil companies that are making money every time you go to the pump,” Obama said. “Let's start investing in clean energy that will create jobs and secure our future. That's a difference in this election.”

After speaking about his differences with Romney over Medicare, education and other issues, Obama concluded, “Less than three months from now, you will face a choice, and that choice could not be bigger. This is a choice not just between two candidates. It’s not just between two political parties. More than any election in recent memory, this is a choice about two fundamentally different visions for our country, how we move this country forward.”

“But I am just as happy to be back in the great state of Iowa, where it all began,” he said.

The first lady spoke about the stark choices the president often faces, but devoted most of her remarks to being back in Iowa.

At the 2008 state fair, she noted, that she and her daughters “experienced the magic of our first fried Twinkie.”

“Yes, we did,” she said. “Even though you say ‘I don’t let you eat them,’ you eat what you want.”

She added that she and her daughters were all very jealous that the president got to go back to the fair without them last week.

“Did you have a fried Twinkie?,” she asked him.

“Pork chop and beer,” the president replied.

“He's so pleased with himself,” the first lady responded.

“It was good. It was tasty,” he concluded.