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Peterson Farm Brothers ag music video goes viral


Click to watch the Peterson brothers' parody music video promoting agriculture.

Into the midst of the usually dreary, boring and unsuccessful attempts to communicate a positive message about conventional agriculture to the urban masses has come a music video from three Kansas farm brothers.

The video, featuring Greg, Kendel and Nathan Peterson of Assaria, Kan., is posted on YouTube and appears to be going as viral as the videos and emails on “pink slime.” It has attracted more than 250,000 viewers since being posted Monday, and won coverage on sites ranging from the Drovers Cattle Network to Gawker.

The video shows the Peterson brothers singing “I’m Farming and I Grow It” as they go about their work on the family farm. The lyrics were written by Greg Peterson, based on the 2011 electropop parody hit "Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO.

Among the lyrics:

When I'm up at seven, the sunrise gives me a glimpse of heaven
I get right to work, a farmer's life can be a little berserk yeah
This is how I roll, I feed the cattle till their stomachs are full
Treat em right, that's my belief,
What's for dinner? I say beef!

Other videos created by Peterson Farm Brothers and Livestock family members and employees are also available on YouTube.