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House wraps up farm bill field hearings

The House Agriculture Committee held its final farm bill field hearing today in Dodge City, Kan.

"There are some challenges that vary by region, and we need to tailor farm policy to fit those unique requirements," committee Chairman Frank Lucas, R-Ok., said in a statement.

"We also need to be mindful that farmers and ranchers across the country share many of the same experiences, especially as they relate to regulatory burdens."

Producers of a variety of commodities and beef testified.

A series of House subcommittee farm bill hearings begins on Wednesday.


  • Gary Harshberger — Corn, wheat, milo, soybean, and cow calf producer, Dodge City, Kan.
  • Keith Miller — Wheat, sorghum, corn, soybean, and cow calf producer, Great Bend, Kan.
  • Dee Vaughan — Corn, cotton, sorghum, soybean, and wheat producer, Dumas, Texas
  • Scott Neufeld — Wheat, sorghum, canola, alfalfa, and cow calf producer, Fairview, Okla.
  • Terry Swanson — Corn, wheat, sorghum, sunflower, and cow calf producer, Walsh, Colo.
  • Frank Harper — Corn, soybean, wheat, sorghum, cow calf producer, Sedgewick, Kan.
  • Kendall Hodgson — Wheat, soybean, corn, sorghum, alfalfa, and cow calf producer, Little River, Kan.
  • Tom Giessel — Wheat, corn, sorghum, soybean, alfalfa, and cow calf producer, Larned, Kan.
  • Woody Anderson — Cotton and wheat producer, Colorado City, Texas
  • Zach Hunnicutt — Corn, soybean, and popcorn producer, Aurora, Neb.