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French business school launches agri-bio-industrial chair

The Reims Management School in Reims, France, has announced the launch of a new chair dedicated to "agri-bio-industrial research," the school announced this week.

The main goal of the position is to promote agricultural resources, the school said, adding that it will propose elective courses and "inform students that this is a large, innovative and sustainable business."

The occupant of the chair will:
  • Identify and analyze growth markets in sustainable chemistry and scientific and industrial components.
  • Develop economic models of product profitability and identify conditions for the national and international success of new products.
  • Explore the sociological impact of the emergence of these new products.
  • The chair will work with scientists from the agri-industrial site at Pomacle-Bazancourt, including from the IAR Cluster, the Bio Refinery Research & Innovation Platform, the ARD Research Centre, and the Ecole Centrale and AgroParisTech engineering schools.

Reims is ranked among the 10 top business schools in France and the 20 top business schools in Europe. It has a campus for executive training in Paris.