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NASS announces reporting changes to meet budget

The Agriculture Department’s National Agricultural Statistics Service announced today that it would reduce or eliminate a number of reports in order to remain within its budget. Following are the changes:

National Agricultural Statistics Service Reporting Changes for 2012

  • Vegetables — Reduce to one in-season report
  • Apple — Forecast in October only (Eliminate March preliminary summary and August report)
  • Apricot — Forecast in July only (Eliminate June report)
  • Cherry Production — Publish in June only (Eliminate forecast in June Crop Production)
  • Grape — Forecast in August only (Eliminate July and October reports)
  • Peach — Forecast in August only (Eliminate May, June and July reports)
  • Pear — Forecast in August only (Eliminate June report)
  • Pecan — Forecast in October only (Eliminate December report)
  • Banana Revisions in May — Eliminate
  • Guavas in May — Eliminate
  • Olives in August — Eliminate
  • Papaya Revisions in May — Eliminate
  • Prune Forecast and Revisions in June — Eliminate
  • Prunes and Plums Forecast in August — Eliminate