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'Home-grown energy' one focus of State of the Union

The need for “home-grown energy” will be one of the pillars of President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address tonight, a senior White House official told reporters on Monday.

Obama believes that domestically produced energy will both create jobs and be better for consumers, the official said in a call to reporters. The contents of the speech were embargoed until midnight.

The official did not say exactly what energy sources the president would promote in his address, but he said Obama’s “vision” is to use “the resources that are available to us here in this country and draw on the nascent industries.”

The president will also stress the importance of American manufacturing and improving job skills for both students and people already in the work force.

Although the official did not say which domestic energy sources Obama would emphasize, the president’s schedule this week calls for him to travel to Iowa, a center of ethanol production, as well as Arizona, Nevada, Michigan and Colorado. All five states are considered competitive in the 2012 election.
Bob Dinneen

Bob Dinneen
Renewable Fuels Association CEO Bob Dinneen sent a letter urging Obama to use the state of the union speech to promote renewable fuels.

Dinneen said RFA’s priorities are maintaining the “integrity and intent” of the renewable fuel standard and extending the tax provisions for production, the tax credit for cellulosic ethanol, and the accelerated depreciation allowance for cellulosic biorefineries.

Dinneen also praised the Agriculture Department’s programs for ethanol technologies and infrastructure, and urged Obama to continue his push to eliminate oil industry tax breaks.