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Herbicide-resistant weed summit scheduled for May

A scientific summit on how to manage herbicide-resistant weeds will be held on May 10 in Washington, the Weed Science Society of America announced today.

The event is being organized with the National Research Council, an arm of the National Academy of Sciences. Participants will include academics, Agriculture Department officials and a representative of the Monsanto Co., the Weed Science Society said in a news release.

Discussions will be focused on best management practices to avoid, mitigate, and control the evolution and proliferation of herbicide-resistant weeds, the NRC said. The summit will use the findings and recommendations of the 2010 NRC report on The Impact of Genetically-Engineered Crops on Farm-level Sustainability in the United States, and as well as the conclusions of a Weed Science Society white paper expected to be released early this year.